A Love Letter to Canva

Oh canva.com,

How do I begin to find the words to explain how much I love thee?

As someone with little to no graphic design experience, when it came to creating custom graphics for our social media, I faltered a little. I hate saying it, because I consider myself a highly creative person. But it’s sadly 100% true.

When I began to fall, you know who was there to catch me? Canva.

When I first learned about Canva, I was skeptical at best. “There’s no way there’s a tool that makes it easy for me to design free, custom graphics for our social media! No way!” I would argue. But yes, there was a way.

Canva swooped in. Like George of the Jungle displayed his strength and grace swinging in on a vine, Canva showed me its beauty. Easy to use, painless to navigate, and fun to explore, Canva made creating custom graphics uncomplicated. I found myself swooning over Canva’s ability to create free custom graphics using backgrounds, pictures and clipart they offer for free. I was slowly realizing Canva and I were meant to find one another.

Canva captures my heart with their pre-established templates that allow you to create posts for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. They provide templates for appealing Instagram stories as well, and Twitter headers that will allow you to stand out from the crowd.

Since day one, I have loved Canva. The site makes designing graphics effortless. It creates beautiful, high quality graphics and works for so much more than just social media posts. With templates for letterheads, posters, and brochures it’s got something for everyone to love.

If you haven’t already, I recommend checking out, signing up with, and beginning to use Canva. It’s a terrific resource for smaller companies, start-ups and students alike. With so many options including your own custom sizes – which really helps when creating graphics for LinkedIn, or anything with an odd size Canva might not have preprogrammed – it’s the top choice for creating stunning, vibrant, attention catching graphics for any occasion (did I mention for free?).

The best part is, thanks to its custom sizes options, you can use Canva to create stunning graphics for any product you purchase with us. Such as our ever popular roll up banner found here https://elementdisplay.ca/collections/frontpage/products/standard-roll-up-banner-stand-with-graphic, or for any product we offer.  Making it the perfect option for even our customers.

And for all these reasons, I love Canva with all my heart. And now recommend it to anyone who will listen.

 This blog post was written by Victoria Buckmaster, administrative assistant at Element Display.