What Makes a Bad Roll Up Banner?

If you don’t take note of the many printed products surrounding you at all times like me, you might not be aware of just how badly many roll-up banners are printed.


But what exactly makes a banner bad?


  1. Rips and Tears


Rips and tears are a good sign that a banner was printed on the wrong type of material for its intended use. Some cheap banners aren’t even printed on vinyl banner material, instead it might just be a laminated paper, which really isn’t great for roll-up banners as the stand will put it under more tension than it was designed for. Some use very cheap material that just wasn’t designed for longevity. A good roll-up banner can withstand the tension of the spring mechanism of the banner stand even after being used for extended periods of time. 


  1. Badly Curled Edges


Curled edges happen when the tension on the banner is not applied evenly. This can be caused by poor banner material or a poorly designed/installed top bar (the piece at the top of your banner that attaches to the pole when upright). When not installed properly, you’ll see the top edges of your banner start to droop after time.


  1. No Longer Retracts


If your roll up banner no longer retracts after just a couple of uses, the culprit is usually a bad spring mechanism. There are many ways that the spring mechanism can become damaged, from installing a banner that’s too short that puts too much strain on the banner, to improper installations to internal damage caused by improper handling/packaging of your banner.


  1. Colours are Washed Out


Bad colours start with printers that just don’t care. You can learn more about why some printers just can’t print colours accurate from our blog post here about why skin tones are so hard to print.


  1. Excessive Leaning


Your banner shouldn’t lean so far forward or backwards that it is no longer about to stand on it’s own. Because of the weight distribution, your banner should lean back just a couple of degrees for it to be the most stable. A forward leaning banner is at danger of falling over, especially if you plan to use it in an area of high foot traffic such as a retail environment or a trade show.



Here at Element Display, we’ve put a lot of time studying exactly how we can avoid these problems above such as including a padded traveling bag, to our special packaging for every roll up banner. In fact, now in our 8th year of operation, we’re still working hard to make sure our products are the best they can be to make your brand look good. Don’t ruin your brand reputation due to a crappy banner, trust us with your promotional display needs.