What's the Difference between 13oz and 18oz Banner Material?

In our store, we give our customers lots of options when ordering a custom banner.

One of those options is the type of banner material you want. We have two choices for you: 13oz and 18oz; but what's the difference?

Here are some questions to ask yourself.

1. Where will you be hanging the banner? Indoors or outdoors?

2. How long will you be using this banner for?

3. How much are you willing to pay for shipping?

4. What's your budget?

It's important to know where you will be hanging the banner because the 18oz banner material excels in outdoor use. It's designed to stand up to the harsh weather conditions of Canada, from snow to rain. It's also great for long-term use, so if you're planning on hanging your banner of a period of time greater than a week, the 18oz is a great choice.

The 13oz is best for indoor applications as well as single-time use such as birthday banners, wedding banners and other events.

Your choice in banner material will also affect the cost. 18oz banner material costs a bit more per square feet and the cost difference will get more drastic the bigger your banner is. As well, it is a much thicker and heavier material, which will mean that your shipping costs will increase as well.